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Primary Research about Seal-Culture on Package-Designed

Abstract Using signet has been a long time history for human beings. In oriental society, a signet is not only for signature but also for token, official token and amusement. Because the multiple applications of the signet have been merged into our daily lives and have the greatest performance on art, signet becomes one of the representatives in the oriental cultures. Thus, combining all these varieties, it becomes Seal-Culture gradually. This kind of Seal-Culture is full of significance of the image and the beauty of the characters. Recently, Seal-Culture is used broadly on design such as package and product design. Therefore, this research adopts documentation analysis to discuss the performance of the local package design by finding out the relative development and the sources of the history of the Seal-Culture. Meanwhile, on the concept of the Semiotics, it analysis the constitution of the Seal-Culture and collects the living example of the package-designed local products. The research divides into three parts: first, descriptions of the source, the development of the usage and the latest advancement. Second, the illustration of the image on Seal-Culture. Third, analysis of package-designed local products application. All in all, this research is expected to have a brand new interpretation on the package-designed local products moreover to succeed the culture marketing by discussing and analyzing the Seal-Culture. Keyword : Seal-Culture, Local Products, Semiotics